Name: Zephr

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: Zim's height

Born: October 20

Eye color: Violet-red

Proffesion: Irken Specialiates


Zephr is a shy but dangerous Irken who lived up his life to be an Irken Elite Soldier but failed too many times. After being humiluated by a bunch of Invaders, Elites, and Soldiers he decides to try to attempt and hurt himself violently but lived with a searing scar and a broken heart (literally). He lived along the streets until a Irken finds him and turns him in to the authorities which he ends up in jail. Suprisingly The Tallests bail him out to see what he has in himself or deactivate him the following day. They take him to a special training room and he fails miserably. They send him to be deactivated. He begs for another chance they give him one. As if one in a million, Zephr suceeds and The Tallests are suprised. They then decide that he doesn't belong in any place except the Irkens Specialiates. After getting his heart patched back togther and recieving a life-supporter implanted in his chest he is sent to the Irkens Specialiates Training Room where he meets Jyzal, another Irken Specialiate who falls madly in love with him. After a month of being in his paradise one of the Specialiates go rebel and try to destroy all the others in fear of not being the best. Right before the rebel bombs the Training Room Zephr saves himself and Jyzal as Jyzal saves her other friend Venu. They escape and set course for another planet they can call home, a planet called Planet Jynsii, they're own planet with unsuspected visitors and neighbors. On the planet they find they're not the only Irkens on the planet. They find Azul a Specialiate who could tell the future and knew about the bombing and the rebel so he ran. Zephr befriends him and before the end of the night they are like life-long friends.