I think I'll start off my arrival here by addressing my largest source of annoyance in the Invader Zim fandom: fan wars. We all know how it is.

Someone posts a ZaDR picture or some other pairing they prefer. They'll most likely get comments from people who support it as well. "Aw, that's cute," or "That's really sexy, great job," etc. Because those are people that enjoy the pairing and take the time to look it up and offer friendly praise or critique to those with similar interests.

But then you get the people who say, "That's so gross!" or "They'd never be together, I hate you!"

Well, I must say that's quite uncalled for. Sure, there are always going to be pairings out there you don't ship. As a ZaDR supporter, I've seen quite a lot of arguing and anger over one small drawing or story. And really... it makes me sad. Can't we all just get along despite our preferences? For example, as I said before, I am quite the ZaDR shipper. I write and draw it all the time. People enjoy it and I have many friends that I talk to about it. So far I've only had a few negative comments... which I ignore. But I'm also a ZaGR shipper. And I'm friends with DaTR shippers and I'm quite happy to talk about it with them. Just like they accept my ZaDR art.

I can't help thinking there should be more people like us. People that accept all the pairings, because when it comes right down to it, we all love the same thing: Invader Zim. So we should all just get along and enjoy this insane, amazing show that we all love. Fan wars are totally pointless and only result in anger and misery. People have been known to leave deviantART and other sites just because of them. Do we really want that? No.

So let's all put our hatred aside and agree to one thing: Invader Zim is one of the best shows to ever grace Nickelodeon and all the pairings are unique and wonderful in their own special ways.

Thanks for reading.