Long ago, like, in about in 2010, our founder, Hyper, begun a little experiment called The Irken Survival Experiment, and now, two years later (wow... has it really been two years?) I have decided to continue what we had started, but we'll need new characters! Please, if you are interested in this, please leave the name of the Irken(s) that you would like to have take part in this.

UPDATE: I will also need names of sponsors and who they're sponsoring. They could be of any race (canon or fanon), and basically work just like the sponsors in The Hunger Games.

List of Canon Irkens taking part in The Experiment





List of Fanon Irkens taking part so far

Liz (created by RBH)

Saf (created by RBH)

Sol (created by RBH)

Vix (created by Gia)

Gem (created by Gia)

Rae (created by Gia)

En (created by Hyper)

Shim (created by Hyper)

Jenna (created by Moss)

Moss (created by Moss)

Kat (created by Moss)

Tallest Red

Tallest Purple

Dakama (Created by Dakama)

Aris (Created by Dakama)

I will decide the teams, and the setting for each team once I get all the submitted characters.

Gotta love the Beavers "This isn't your baby! YOU'RE A BOY!" 18:01, June 24, 2012 (UTC)