Okay, so me, Gia, and Dakama were on chat, and Dakama came up with this super awesome idea for you to ask my characters questions, and I'll draw a picture answering them! Sounds 'a'ight?

Liz: ...Don't you go street on me, RBH.

Me: I'm not, dawg! *puts on sunglasses*

Liz: Oh dear T_T

So! Submit those questions, and I'll get to drawin'!

Question 1

"Hm...Liz, if you had to spend the day with one of your crushes, who would it be?" Asked by Gia


Sorry for the /really/ cruddy quality... This sucks so much...

If she would've picked Saf, that would probably mean bringing Sol along with them... And Liz wouldn't want that ;)

Question 2

"Sol, how did it make you feel when Jon revealed that the Saf scrapbook you destroyed was a copy and that he had the real one, completely undamaged all along?" Asked by Gia

2012-11-04 13-42-09 476

"I don't /feel/ anything."

Yesh, that is a chibi Jon. Remember, it's in Sol's fantasy, so this is how she imagines Jon to act.