I was writing a description of Zim and Shelby's relationship today. It reminds me of the song "Toeto" by Luka Megurine. Shellby is unable to speak the whole truth to Zim. She tries, but she just can't. It's as if she's being stopped by something. Poor Shelby... WHY DID I HAVE TO DO THAT TO HER??? Whatever. I'm considering writing a story about it. Should I?

Now for something slightly random.............

CROSSOVER!!!! IZ and Bionicles! Stupid combo, but what the heck? I'm gonna try to make it work the best I can. I'm not sure if I'll actually go through with that. There are still a few things I need to figure out before creating it:

1. What's the title gonna be?

2.Who's gonna be the main character?

3. Who will the main character meet first?

4. And why the heck is the main characer there in the first place?