Now, why don't we begin with my stories?

Fixing My Defects: I wasn't exactly going to turn this into a love story. To be honest, I don't even do most of the writing for any of my novels. (I'll explain this later.) Zim and Moss were supposed to be best friends, but I think I accidently made them more then that...Dang it. Whatever, I'll update it soon. :-)

15 Days At Camp: Another love story! But that was the plan all along. Just to let y'all know, Kat isn't very strong, (in fact, she's very weak) but once she gets totally fed up with all that's happening in the real world, she'll beat up anyone, no matter who they are. She isn't aware of what's going on until it's all over when she does that. She's blind to all that happens when she goes crazy, like Gregor when he goes into that rager mode or whatever you wanna call it.

Real or Not Real: It'll turn out to be the one I would least expect in a story like this. I'd use the Invader Zim characters for this to show you my thinking, but that would give it away.

Earth Blew Up, You Can Have Azeroth: Something stupid that I came up with. Don't try to make any sense out of it, please. That will most likely result in a headache. Reissa (Yah, I have yet another OC. You gots a problem with that?) wants to have Earth, but appenrently it blew up I guess. She is assigned to Azeroth. (Does that place sound familiar to all u nerds like me?)

Now let's move on to my drawings...

Gaz's WoW character: Almost done! Still drawing her. I named the character Dencelina. She is a human rogue. If that character happens to sound familiar to any of you nerds, it's cuz she is an actual character on WoW. She's my character.

Moss's WoW character: Katyluuna, a draenei warrior. Does she happen to sound familiar? She's also mine! She's not even remotely done yet.

Kat's WoW character: KitKat a blood elf hunter who probably doesn't even exist. Her hair is done, her head is don, and that's it.

Moss and Princess in disguise: Uncolored. And not my best work.

Kat with Mya in disguise: Not started yet.

Reissa with MauMau in disguise: Not drawn and probably never will be.

On to what happened today:

I got up at about 9:30 today. I skipped breakfast and then took a 2-hour bath. Had grilled cheese sammiches for lunch.

Private stuff that's none of your freakin' beeswax! (Mainly stuff I don't even remember.)

Did stuff on here while watching Phineas and Ferb when my parents left.

Other stuff that I don't care enough about to even remember. That's a pretty typical day for me.

And that is all I guess...

Invader Moss, out.