Okay, so I'd like to let y'all know somthing. The reason chapter five of Fixing My Defects sucks balls isn't as good as the others is because I wrote it after being awake for 27 solid hours. I'm thinking about making the book a little bit creepy, and I've tried. I can't back out of it now because there's no just forgetting the transmission and then going and finding GIR and Princess totally sane and unharmed. I'm considering killing Princess. That could be a lot of fun!

15 Days At Camp is currently on hold due to my lack of ideas for it.

Real or Not Real? is probably going to get cancelled. Probably.

Earth Blew Up, You Can Have Azeroth is something I'm definitely going to go through with and NOT quit on! Though I haven't started it yet, I will very soon!

I'M MAKIN' ME A A PROFILE PIC OF MYSELF!!!!!! Yeah, I'm drawing myself and using as a profile picture. It'll be done some4ime very soon, within 2-5 days.