Long-ish title, I know, but I am waaaay beyond caring. I just wanted to share the new and improved forms of the Akitaka twins, Deathbrat (can't remember who nicknamed her that, but DJ Flask continued using it after being dubbed "DJ Stupid."), I mean DeathBLOOM and Amore, the daughters of pure evil.

Deathbloom--Her alternate form is her dark angel, granted by her father once she was officially made the princess of Hell. For being royalty, she's really stupid. She got barely above an F in every subject except science (which she got an B on every year) year after year. As stupid as she gts though, her IQ is always boosted when she morphs into dark angel form, kind of like how Ben's IQ is boosted way up when he turns into Greymatter or Brainstorm. Now, to the new things! She can't get drunk. (She loves vodka!) Her wings can slice through almost any natural material. (including natural alien materials as well) Her bloodlust is increased by 75%. She wears a strapless dress that goes ½-way down to her knees and has a belt with a silver buckle right below her breasts. She becomes EVEN more evil and rebellious then she originally did. I'll update her profile later.

Amore--Amore's alternate form is her witch form, granted by God to help fight for justice with her magic powers. She wears an outfit like Yuki Nagato's witch costume, only Amore's is slightly lighter in color. She has a ⅔ foot wand with a magic rose quarts orb placed on the inside of the top of it. Her cross necklace helps regenerate her power. Her spells get stronger and more effective. She knows all the spells without her spellbook. Spells cost less energy, so she can cast more powerful spells. (She eventually uses a restoration spell to bring her younger cousin back to life.)

That is all!

Wait! I need a witch name for Amore, just like Deathbloom is Odio's dark angel name, though she never tells anyone her real name unless she absolutely trusts them. Now you know my logic behind that kind of name for an originally human character.

Now this is over. Your welcome fore possibly wasting your time! :)