I have a little fun fact before I get to the actual point of this blog. "Tulta munelli" means "fire at their balls." I thought that was kind of funny.

I'm making my first "Level Up" fanfic. Instead of leaks from Conqueror of All Worlds, there will be leaks from World of Warcraft(felguards, murlocks, sand worms, voidwalkers, hellboars, ect., ect.) instead. I bet by the fifth chapter, it'll be all gummed up. There is one thing for sure that I'll mess up on: I'm definitely going to break Lyle's character. Now, I know that those fans of Level Up that are reading this are thinking, "How the plum do you accidently do that?" but it's really easy to do so.

The main character will be a girl named Heather Smith, a wheelchair-bound blondie with blue eyes. I will give her...THE NETHERSTRAND LONGBOW!!!! I've only ever seen it once in the game... It's beautiful. The best WoW weapon EVER!!! It's a very rare Legendary weapon and it's totally amazing.

Angie will be the first person she meets. It turns out that Heather is considered crazy for claiming to see sand worms come up from the ground. Wyatt tries to convince her that it's nothing and she just played too many video games, but he fails due to his awful lying skills. :) That's a good enough start for me! Wish me luck!