Heya Fellow Wikians! It is Co-Admin Gia here to say that I have a few story ideas I wanted to pitch out and see if you like them. So tell me what you think ^-^

My First one is called Truth Or Doom? Gaz has a slumber party with Zay, Gem, Tak, Zim, Vix, and Dib. What will happen? Secrets will be told, remarks will be exchanged, and maybe a few kisses will be shared as well. Tak and Zay might have a small, girlish, discussion about the Dib-Human, and Gaz and Gem might have some fun with Zim and Dib, maybe mess with them a little bit, or have them mess with each other.

Next, I have Halloween Horrors, Tak comes over full of curiousity about all the strangely dressed children, and Dib will explain it to her. Feelings will be realized, comic insults will be exchanged between evil alien, and savior of Earth, A terrifying little sibing might step in, and a kiss or two will happen, voluntary and and involuntary, between boy and girl, and maybe boy and boy *Winks*

Firework, is another one, Dib takes Zay to a 4th of July carnival, to teach her about the colorful holiday.

Irken Fairy Tales, is my last new story idea, Gaz uses one of Dib's spelldrives to place him and Zay in a story, a fairy tale, which one, I will not tell, they go through the story, but not exactly the way it's written.

My next chapter for Welcome to Danville, includes Phineas and Ferb's new invention, I haven't come up with a name for it, but it creates real objects or creatures from drawings or photos.

And Last but not least, Movie Night, There will be more ZAGR in this chapter, seeing as Zim's desires will be fueled by the romance in the movie, and Gaz actually might allow physical contact this time. Dib might get a little more courage and possibly make his move on Zay, and Zay might make a few moves of her own. :D

That's all for now, Until next time! This is Invader Gia, signing off!

"And to make it even sweeter, I'll land the Massive right on top of your giant, landing pad-sized, moster of a head, which is disturbingly large!" "AHHHHH! Quit making fun of my head! AHHHH!" 18:01, July 3, 2012 (UTC)