Hiya! This is your loyal admin, Gia (Who rules you all with an iron fist! Just kidding) I've got a random question for all of you, can you name your top 5-15 Fanon characters and shippings, here are mine :D


1. Jon (Who doesn't like him? XD)

2. Sol (I really like Sol, she's pretty cool)

3. Megara (She is sweet, and forgein :D)

4. Tanri (Everyone else might hate her, but I kinda like her XD)

5. Liz (I find her pretty awesome)

6. En (She's so cool ^-^)

7. Vix (I've got a thing for the darker characters XD)

8. DJ Flask (He's so awesome :P)

9. Zay (She's all perky and stuff ^-^)

10. Luun (I don't know her very well yet, but I'm really liking her whole quiet/shy thing)

11. UKI (She's so cute!)

12. Shim (He's got an awesome aura about him)

13. Dakama (She's pretty awesome)

14. ZEE (How do you not love this perky SIR?)

15. NAE (I likez her :D)


1. JALR (I really love this pairing :D)

2. DAZR (My favorite shipping I made up)

3. SASR (Pure awesomeness ^-^)

4. ZAER (You's have to be nuts not to love it!)

5. TATR (Toby and Tekka make an awesome couple)

6. GAUR (Agh! I can't resist it! It's too cute!)

7. SAZR (Awwz, Smeet love ^-^)

8. JADR (Mostly everyone else might dislike it, but I like it :D)

9. LASR (It's purely amazing ^-^)

10. VAZR (I lurvz Vix and Zepta as a couple :D)

11. TALR (TAZ and LiLi are pretty cute together if you ask me, TAZ is one of the few who can make her happy)

12. RAGR (They have similarities, but Gem is a little deeper than Rae)

13. VATR (Vix and Tanri would fit wel together)

14. MAJF (Jon and May do make really good friends)

15. GAZR (You have to enjoy this couple :D)

I hope to see your answers in the comments :D

Until next time!

This is Invader Gia, signing off!

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