• InvaderGIR

    A New Family Member!

    March 29, 2011 by InvaderGIR

    I got a new baby sis! :D She was born on Saturday. I'm gonna write more later she's crying.

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  • InvaderGIR

    Favorite IZ quotes! :D

    January 29, 2011 by InvaderGIR

    "Why was there BACON IN THE SOAP?!?!?" ~Zim

    "I made it myself!"~G.I.R.

    "My head's not big! Why does everyone say that?" —Dib

    "Do a little dance!"~G.I.R.

    "Your feelings are normal! Theres a squid brain in your head!"~Zim

    Zim: Go home and shave your filthy head of smell with your bad self!
    Dib: ...okay, there's all sorts of things wrong with what you just said.

    "There! That should be wide enough!" ~Zim

    "What about me!?! How do I get back!?!" ~Dib

    "Good question! But I don't care!"~Zim

    "As soon as my skeleton stops being broken, I'm going to destroy you, Dib" ~Zim

    "Zim... floog!" —Zim

    "Hi cow!" *dances at the cow* "Bye cow!"~G.I.R.

    "One day you're going to be sitting in your house, feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and I'll be there..…

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