Name: Mellisa Davies (AKA Mas)


Race: Irken

PAK: Has no PAK

Diguise: Brown hair, Blue eyes

Height: Same as Zim

Age: 12

Love interest: Jon

Most likely to say: "Love is not from the outside, but it's from the inside..." + "FISH SLAP!!"

Not going to say: "I love you, Jon!!!"

Gender: Female

Siblings: Michael, (little brother)


Mas is really Irken, so she has red/pink eyes, with light green skin and lekkus like Zim. When Mas was born, she had no PAK, so she is a Defect. She wears a blue trench coat with a purple t-shirt, along with black trousers. For disguise, she wears a long brown wig with blue eyes, and she chages her skin colour.


Ever since she was a smeet, she used to get bullied a lot, non-stop. Once she ended up going to an Irken hospital in training and said she failed at aiming. A few years later, her best friend died, so she had to take care of herself. When they all finished training, Mas was delighted, and the Tallest's told her to go on a mission. She ended up on Earth, just like Zim had, but she loves Earth more then anything. She has made more friends on Earth then on Irk and has fallen in love...