Meet Cece! The most wonderful OC I have ever made! :D

Name: Cece

Race: Half human, half Irken

PAK (?): Has no PAK

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Pictures coming soon!!!!


Cece has short purple hair with red and pink eyes. She also has light green skin and short antennas. She wears a small t-shirt with a ladybird on it with some shorts. Cece likes to wear this dress that Momiji got her, so she wears that once or twice. She also wears outfits for fun.

Fun Facts about Cece!!

  • Cece does not like to speak, the only person that she speaks to is her creator and her mother. (Who is un-known)
  • Cece has a twin brother called Gabe. (Unknown)
  • Cece loves Laddybugs and Butterflies
  • She has a teddy bear who is really a robot in disguise... but she does not know it yet.
  • Did you know that Cece showed up on Earth all of a sudden, so Mas had to take care

    DinoCece! ^^

    of her. Cece's twin is un-known...
  • Cece loves to swim
  • She loves everyone and everything... apart from spiders.
  • If someone gives Cece a flower, she will love them forever.
  • She is very shy.
  • Cece hates the dark
  • She loves to dress up as a ladybird and a dinosaur
  • Cece has a pet bunny called Dido, and she loves Dido more then anything
  • More Facts soon!!! :D

"FISH SLAP!! Sorry, but I love slapping people with a fish..."