Hey, how's everyone doing? Good, I hope. Now on to business. Upon my unexpected re-arrival and newfound dedication I once again strive to build this wiki further. We have a steady backbone but it's not enough to my tastes. Now, forgive as I have said in a previous blog, for being user hungry. But please if you have a DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, FanFiction.Net (FF), or any other form of social networking site account and or channel, please advertise Invader Zim Shippings Fanon Wiki as much as you possibly can. My suggestions are as followed, post a multi-chaptered story of yours on FanFiction if you have an account and then clearly state that it originally came from here. You either post it on your account or stories or even both if you really want to. I will be maning the Youtube part, but if you wish to do so also you can contact me on my talk page and tell me what you plan to do. I will be making several advertisments to promote this place if I figure it out.. If you know anything about how to actually make Youtube videos HELP ME PLEASE! Thanks. Anyways, if you wish to promote this place with your Twitter or Facebook account add a link or whatever. If you have neither of these, then on your binder try and maybe print out our logo and our name.. put some pictures of your OCs and couples and try and give as much attention to here as possible! I will be talking to everyone of ZIM wiki if they would like to join and hopefully I pray that they will listen. Anyways, that is all for now.. return to your chats and stories. But keep this in mind. Thank you.

~Founder Hyper signing off.