"No I can't take one more towards you, cause all is waiting is regret..." That's OUR song! Me and my boyfriend Reese danced together to it. I'm talking body to body. Everyone was chanting KISS KISS! But all I heard was our singing. He said he felt like it was just us in our own parallel world. Everyone recorded it on their phones and after the SWEETHEARTS DANCE my feet were totally bruised and sore until two girls in my classroom said, "You guys make such a cute couple! You should of kissed!" The secret is we wanted to..... XD It was sooooo much fun! Balloons fell from teh ceiling when everyone crowded in. XD I am so in LURV right now! So let me hear you chant it! RESSE AND MIZ FOREVER! (Resse is his Irken name) XP I SOOOO HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPPY! XP

I know this isn't IZ related but this is Shipping Fanon right? There's a ship! RAMR <3