"Am I stupid for falling for her?" Dib asked himself as he stared at a picture of Miz on his computer screen.

"You would only be stupid if you didn't stink-worm." Zim said, suprising Dib.

"Zim?! When'd you get in here?" Dib said narrowing his eyes at him.

"That's nothing of you to be concerned of Dib." Zim said.

"Wait... isn't Miz your girlfriend?" Dib asked Zim.

"Girlfriend?!?! ZIM HAS NO GIRLFRIEND!" Zim snapped but with a hint regret on his face.

"Zim, you're wayyyy to obvious. You know, Miz knows, I know, the Skool knows, the world knows—" Dib was cut short by an annoyed Zim.

"Could YOU GO ON please?!?" Zim growled, glaring.

"That you like Miz." Dib finished.

"I genuinely think you've lost it. Zim loves no-one! No-one but ZIM do I love!" Zim shouted.

"Some-one's self-centered." Dib mumbled.

"What was that, Dib-filth?" Zim said.

"Nothing." Dib said glaring.


"You are absoloutly no help, Zim!" Dib said.

"Why would I want to help you?!?" Zim said.

"Well it seems like you just did." Dib said.

"Nonscence! Zim's only here to spy on you!" Zim screamed.

"It's not called spying, Zim. If you're talking to the person and in plain sight." Dib stared.

"SILENCE!" Zim shouted then jumped out the window.

"That little Irken has BIG problems." Dib said staring out the window then back at the picture of Miz on the computer screen.

Zim's Voot flew up to Dib's window.

Zim lifted the windsheild.


He then closed the windsheild again and zoomed off.

"If she's anything like Zim, I am stupid. But Miz is nothing like Zim..." Dib said.

"Incoming Transmisson, from Miz." his computer alerted him.

"Miz!" he shouted then scrambled away to talk to her.