This is a short story about some drabble about GIR's feelings towards Gaz.

I see her walk by all the time, walking to Bloaty's Pizza Hog, hoping she would turn into our front yard and knockz on our door. I tell my master I likez her, but all he does is just shovez me away, or ignore me. If only my master could feel love towardz someone like I feel love towardz her, but all he talkz about is ruling the world.

I looked out the window, still able to see Gazzy. I smiled and waved, hoping she'd wave back. She didn't. That's okay though, becauz my love is strong enough for both of us. Gazzy remindz me of a delicate purple flower. So sweet, so good-smelling. That remindz me. Her brother'z head smells like a puppy.

I think about Gazzy when she's out of sight. She's perfect. She lovez pizza, like me. She lovez piggies like me. She lovez video games like me. We're perfect for each other. She's perfect.

My master told me to watch TV instead of starring out the window, but I don't listen. I am waiting for Gazzy to come back. I wait, and wait, and wait. Just before I waz about to givez up, I see that lovely head of soft, sweet smelling hair. I smile and run out the door to her. "Gazzy!" I shouted.

She stoped. "What GIR?" I mentally gasp. She know's my name!

"I love you! You smell so good like a purple flower, you're so delicate, yet strong. You so small, yet you can eat five pizza's in a minute. You can beat a game in an hour. You can fly my planet's technology with no problem. You're so nice to me! You're all Iz think about! You're perfect!" I noticed I was babbling. I didn't care. Gazzy didn't say a word for a while. I began to get scared. Waz she broken? Or waz she shocked.

"Wrong. I can eat six pizza's in one minute." She said, flatly and shocked. She just starred at me, her lovely amber eyes, wide open. "And I think... I love you too." my eyes opened wide. I couldn't help but hug her, burrying my face in her. I knew my master was watching. I could see him through the window. I didn't care. I also saw the Dib watch us behind Gazzy, shocked. I didn't care. The only thing I cared about is Gazzy. And maybe my rubber piggies, too.