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1: They Won

~*•His Little Whispers;•*~

Venus coughed. She could smell smoke. She lifted her head slowly, and saw fire, the ruins of concrete buildings, crushed cars. She slowly hoisted herself up from the ground, feeling both afraid, and furious. She looked around the immensely dangerous Earth, once the home to her friends and enemies.

~*•“Love Me, Love Me;•*~

Now, it was nothing more than a desolate wasteland. She looked angrily at the sky, seeing a ship firing lasers at the Earth, wiping out both humanity, and resources.

~*•That's all I ask for,•*~

She stomped both of her feet, praying that her rockets would work just once more. They gave a worn out puff, but soon enough she was soaring through the air toward the Massive.

~*•Love Me, Love Me...”•*~

She would get back what was rightfully hers... her friends, her dignity, and her pride. She wouldn't admit defeat. She landed on The Massive, seeing two familiar faces. Zim... and Skoodge?

~*•He battered his tiny fists to feel something.•*~

This was impossible... surely Skoodge wouldn't take part in this madness? He was her friend! He'd saved her from the Slaughtering Rat people, didn't he?

~*•Wondered what it's like to touch, and feel something...•*~

“Skoodge?” she'd managed to spit out, still choking on ash.
“Oh... hey there, Venus.” he said, not turning away from the Tallest.


Venus?!” said The Tallest, in unison.
“We have to stop doing that.” said Tallest Red. “Anyhow... she's a convict! Where's the rest of your... gang?”
She gasped. She'd forgotten Jupiter and Saturn! They were somewhere around Zim's house when she'd left.

~*•How should I feel?!•*~

“Zim...” she trembled, shaking with a mixture of both fear and anger. “What did you do with them...?!”
“Jupiter... and that Saturn fellow? Oh, yes, they're downstairs... in our prison.” he smother.

“Don't say our, you're an embarrassment!” said Tallest Purple, gesturing for him to be quiet.

~*•Creatures lie here.•*~

She froze. She couldn't believe it. She shakily took out a laser, shot it at them, and ran downstairs. She was fast, faster than security, anyhow. She opened a box saying “Emergency Cell Key”, and while she thought it was a stupid idea to have one of those, she thanked her lucky stars that some Irkens could be relatively stupid.

~*•Looking through the window.•*~