Name: Jyzal

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: Zim's height

Born: October 13

Eye color: Violet

Proffesion: Irken Specialiates


Jyzal has a tomboy attitude and enjoys combat but doesn't believe in harming the innocent. Jyzal is known for her sence in style and her fighting equipment. When she was first born she was born curious but in a dangerous way. She learned how to fight from her temporary father at the age of one month and progressed through the years. Finally as a thirteen year old her father died in a battle against a family enemy and she for once broke that resolution after getting arrested by The Tallests authorities and brought to the Tallests in person. They are first thinking of deactivating her but then decide to see her fighting with dummies. Jyzal not only suceeds but is the best. They send her to the Irken Specialiates Training Room where she learns how to really fight. After several years in the facility she graduates and is moved to a upperclass class put she refuses the offer which shocks everyone since it's Tallests Honor. She stays in the class as said and then Zephr comes into the picture. He is placed in the same room as her and as soon as she lays her eyes on him she's madly in love. She walks over to Zephr and works her magic. He is then great friends with her. One night, Zephr awakes her and tells her about a rebel is planning to bomb the facility, she believes him and comes with him and on the way grabs her best-friend Venu and they escape to another planet far away from Irk. Planet Jynsii, where she meets a future-telling Irken who escaped the week before. They befriend each other.